Friday, 11 June 2010

A New Camera

I know this is not much to write about but I just got my new camera. I was on the beach and some sand got in the mechanisims and busted it. oops!! Anyways, I went to the camera shop here and picked out a nice camera. The man behind the counter showed me the different colours and I chose lime green!! This was about 3 weeks ago and he ordered it in. He said it should have been in in a week but only today, 3 weeks later, I found it in the fridge!! My mom and Jenn had gone and bought it then put it in a case and put a little bow on it so when I went to get a snack, it was there!!
This is what it looks like:

I am really exited to go out there and take pictures because I haven't used a camera for maybe 4 weeks! Thanks Mum and Dad because it was actually a B-Day present!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Its 4:00pm on a rainy day...

It's 4:00pm on a rainy afternoon. Not much has been happening these days. Gig weekend was a few weekends ago. Gig weekend is where thousands of people come to the Islands to watch thousands of Gigs (those long boats that like ten people row in) race. It is really hectic on Gig weekend because so many people are in town. To end it all off, there is a bonfire/BBQ on the beach and local bands get on stage and preform.

I have been enjoying walking to the beach on nice days and sunbathing but i am afraid today was not one of those days. Today was a sit inside and put pictures on Facebook and write on the blog kind of day.

Jennifer, Adele and I have been having weekly movie nights where we watch a movie or two every Friday or Saturday.

A few weeks ago when my Uncle Nigel, Auntie Kate and their kids were over, Adele, Jennifer and me had a sleepover with Ellie and Kez. We even got to swing from trees because Uncle Nigel was cutting some down so we swung from a rope:

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Easter Surprise

On Easter morning we found an Easter surprise:


Well, Easter was great! 14 family members gaatherd around a table (make that 2 tables) in my grandparents house. We then had a feast! The family members included my Auntie Steph, Uncle Merv and their kids Adele, Jon and Dan. There was also my Uncle Nigel and Auntie Kate with their kids Ellie Kez and Sam. Me my mom, Jenn and my grandma and grandpa were also there.

After that, we had a easter egg hunt. I never knew a 16 year old boy could get so exited over an easter egg hunt. There was Dan at the table and my mom was trying to explain what the rules were, "Okay kids, there are easter eggs at every place that the clues lead you to-" "AT EVERY NPLACE?!?!?!?!?" ,that was Dan, "MOM! WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE THIS BEFORE?!?!?!" "Calm down Dan, it's okay, there are 7 of you and seven places that eggs are hiding. Once you get to a hiding spot, one person gets those eggs, then the next person gets the eggs at the next place so you all get to have a bag of easter eggs. Get it Dan?" "At every place??" So we got out there and started on our hunt...

We got back and just relaxed. Uncle Nigel and his family went home and we all and went to bed.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Off to the Isles of Scilly!

Imagine this, you are laying in your bed, around tenish, just sort of waking up and your mom walks in, opens the blinds, and says, "get up, get dressed, eat, and pack. Our plane leaves at 3:30 and we need to leave at 2:00." How would you react?

This is how I started my day on Wednesday February 17th. Remember, I am still trying to wake up so you can imagine how I took this news, I layed there. Did not get up, did not get dressed, did not eat and did not pack. Until maybe when 5 minutes had passed and I wa still laying in bed when boom! It hit me! I was going to the Isles of Scilly. That day at 3:30! I jumped out of bed threw all my clothes into my suitcase, I didn't bother with folding ;). Then I got dressed, grabbed my bags and ran across the street to my auntie and uncles house. There, I dropped my bags at the door and grabbed a bowl of cereal.

Around 3ish, we arrived at the airport in Newquay (pronnounced new key) and waited in line. When it came our turn, wouldn't you know it, our bags were overweight. We pulled out one of Jennifers purses, which happend to be quite large, and stuffed something from all our suitcases in it and our carry-ons, which they didn't even let us carry on! Finally, we got through, watched the safety video, and boarded.

As they say in the movies, "It's gonna be a bumpy ride!" And it was. We were flying in a SkyBus and so the plane was tiny and fortunatly it was a beautiful day for flying so we flew low and took the scenic route along the coast, which was beautiful. We took alot of pictures. I will be putting LOTS of pictures on soon. I can't right now because I left my camera cord in Canada! But it was beautiful! Anyways, when we landed we met up with my Uncle Mervyn who took us to my grandma and grandpas house to drop off our stuff and then to his and my Auntie Stephanies house (which is right down the lane) for tea (in Canada we would call it supper or dinner, which ever floats your boat). There we saw my Cousins Adele, who is my age, Dan, who is Jens age, and Jon, who is I think Charlottes age. (my other sister). That night we were eating toast at 1:30am! So you can guess when we got to sleep ;)

The next few days were full of exitment! Thursday we settled in nicely, and explored alot! Adele took me out to Toll's Island, a cute little Island you can walk to when the tide is low, and on Friday she took me out for hot chocolate, which ended up to be smoothies, to meet some of her friends and some of the people that were going to be in my class. We walked along the rocks which are just big rocks on the coast, very easy to fall on those! Then up to the Garrison, Star Castle, and the play park where we played stick in the mud. On Saturday we didn't do much. Me and Jen "helped" Jon with feeding the cows. All we did was sit in the back of the tractor and watch. Although we did each get a go at driving it. I almost drove into the electric fence and Jen drove in reverse back out and so of course she was really good because she has her learners liscence in Canada. That afternoon Jon left to go back to college, or university.

On Sunday we attended church, which was fun because there was maybe like 15-20 people there! After church we took a LONG walk which I did not like that much because I fell :(. The next day, today, I went to school.

It was not that bad. Apart from the uniforms it was okay. I pretty much shaddowed Adele and it was all good. For lunch we walk down to the primary school which is probably a 5 minute walk and buy what they call a school dinner. And of course the last period of the day is Math. On my fist day, we get a test. And of course I have to do it too! But, I am looking forward more to tomorrow because we have games which is pretty much gym but the entire school gets together and plays games like soccer (football here!) and things like that. I am also in Drama which could be interesting...

Sunday, 14 February 2010

In Falmouth

Jennifer, my mom and I are currently in Falmouth, Cornwall with my Uncle Nigel, Auntie Kate and cousins Ellie, Kez and Sam. We arrived here on Saturday, February 13. We stayed for the night, me and Jenn crashing on the floor of Ellie and Kez's room, and my mom on the hide-a-way in the lounge/living room/dining room. We did have an interesting day Saturday. We had a nice walk down to the Ocean to get Ice Cream and then came home and played a great board game called Hotel. Keziah is in LOVE with it! It was kind of funny actually, the first thing Keziah says to us when we get in the house, "Do you want to play Hotel?". Well, more updates will be coming soon! :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Finally in England

Well, it took awhile but we finally arrived in London! We were greeted by the UK border agency who threatened to send me and my sister, Jennifer, back to Canada. After about 2 hours of sitting in the airport waiting for a response, they let us go. Although they do have our passports...

Anyway, after we were let out, we were on our way to St Austell on a train, which I hated! I got INSANE motion sickness! Anyway, we arrived in St Austell and were greeted by My Auntie Anne. We got to their house and were introduced to my Uncle Steven and cousins Thomas and Jacob. We also saw my Grandpa and Grandma. We visited for a while, and played the Wii and then went to the house across the lane from theirs (owned by their friends) and fell in bed.

The next day, we got up late, around 12:00pm, and ate lunch with my grandparents and Anne. We then visited more and in a few hours, the boys came home from school. We then visited and played the Wii some more.

The next day my grandma went to the hospital. I guess I should say that the reason I am here in England is because my grandma has Cancer of the kidney. Anyway, my mom, Anne, my grandpa and my grandma all drove down to Truro to drop my grandma off at the hospital. Meanwhile me and Jenn were on the Wii. When they came back, Anne, my grandpa, Jenn and me all went on a walk up on a hill vwith their dogs, Molly and Max.